Alternating Currents & Daytrotter

Guys! We had SUCH a great time in Davenport, Iowa this past weekend.  We got to play in the Inaugural Alternating Currents festival over at Daytrotter headquarters and it was a BLAST!  If you're anywhere near Davenport, Iowa, we HIGHLY recommend you head over there for a rock show.  Amazing place with amazing people.  They even live-streamed our set... That's posted on our Facebook page.

The following morning, we were exhausted but stoked to play a LIVE set for the Daytrotter sessions.  They took care of us once again and let us rock a fun four tunes for you, LIVE.  They live streamed that one, too.  How cool is that?  Here it is in case you missed it.  Also, did I mention we got to rock with our brothers The Smoking Popes!? They have live streams over @ Daytrotter, too! Check it out.  That's on our Facebook page, too! 

Anyway, we miss you.  Hope to see you guys this Saturday at Tivoli in Downers Grove for our set with our brother-in-rock, Johnny from Lights Over Bridgeport.  He'll be rocking the double duty that night playing with us and his fellas in LOB.  



The Bigger Empty DAYTROTTER session